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Maria Tsaousi

I was born on the 14th of July in Patras, but grew up in Athens. I started travelling at a fairly early age, to all corners of the globe, initially because of my profession as air-stewardess. Later on I just followed my childhood impulse and a continuous passion to get to know countries, places, people, cultures and history.

This was my way to widen my artistic horizon after having left classic dance behind me, also for many years my passion and  profession, and this path led me closer to new trends, different cultures, ground-breaking plans and influential persons, even small revolutionary innovations that those days kept coming to our country at a rather slow pace.

I got particularly inspired by Modernism and the trajectory of the renowned Swiss architect Charles-edouard Jeannette, more widely known as Le Corbusier ( ” Space, Light and Order. These are the things that people need so much, as much as they need bread and a place to sleep’). I studied Interior Decoration and Design at  AKTO College and have always sought the finer detail, combining both scientific and artistic elements.

I decided to blend imagination and creativity in designing hand-made jewellery having Maria Mastori as my teacher. I studied this subject wholeheartedly, got training, attended seminars, added imagination to aesthetics, design prowess and knowledge of materials, as to both properties and applications.

With images and colours from my beloved Myconos where I have chosen to stay at various seasons of the year, I constantly seek and succeed in combining the arid land with the blue light of sea and sky alike.

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